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Bodybuilding Prohormone
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What is Abnormal by Blackstone Labs?

Are you happy with your current level of muscle mass?

Have you tried every popular workout supplement without success?

Do you want to support your gains for muscle, strength, and performance?

AbNORmal by Blackstone Labs is a 19-Nor-DHEA blend that can help push you past your genetic limitations, allowing you to chase after higher levels of gains.

Why Abnormal is for you and is so effective.

AbNORmal by Blackstone Labs is ideal for those guys looking to pack on muscle mass without the side effects found commonly in most prohormone supplements. It can be used by those who have never tried a prohormone before as well as supplement veterans who have tried them all. If your goals include the following, then AbNORmal is right for you!

  • Muscle growth and size
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased strength

The 19-Nor-DHEA blend that you’ll get with every serving of AbNORmal converts in the body to Nandrolone, a potent anabolic androgenic steroidal compound. This is the key to unlocking your growth potential.

Benefits of using Abnormal by Blackstone Labs

As an effective prohormone blend, AbNORmal can offer a number of benefits for muscle, strength, and size.

  • Promotes the growth of muscle mass and size
  • Reduces the amount of adipose tissue (fat)
  • Supports gains in total body strength
  • Non-Methylated: Easy on the liver
  • Works well as a part of a prohormone stack (advanced users only)

If you want to secure these benefits, be sure to follow up your AbNORmal cycle with a high quality post-cycle therapy (PCT) supplement.

Abnormal Product Reviews

The Nor-DHEA blend found in AbNORmal by Blackstone Labs sets it apart from other prohormone blends because of the results reported. More importantly, AbNORmal is different because of the things you don’t hear about it such as user testimonials regarding side effects. As a non-methylated prohormone, AbNORmal really is an ideal starter supplement for those who have never tried a prohormone before. What’s more, for advanced users, the anabolic properties coupled with the lack of side effects make it a perfect complement to your stack. Get big without the side effects.

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