1. Andro-5A
Andro-5A by Lecheek Nutrition


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30 capsules of 100mg of 1-Andro
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What is Andro-5A by Lecheek Nutrition

Without sufficient levels of growth hormones such as testosterone in your body, you may find your strength, size, and sex drive fading fast. Andro-5A is a DHEA supplement designed to boost all of your decreasing hormone levels. It contains 100mg of 1-Andro and 5a-hdroxy-laxogenin. Andro-5A is also very effective in increasing your sex drive.

Benefits of Andro-5A

The elite andro formula of Lecheek Andro-5A contains Laxogenin and 1-Andro. Both of these ingredients are extremely anabolic compounds, shown to significantly increase protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and growth hormone production. You won’t have to worry about any gyno-based side effects either since Andro-5A will ensure the removal of harmful estrogens. Best of all, this formula helps to block cortisol, which is a stress hormone that can waste away muscle tissue and ruin your gains.

Andro-5A Reviews

If you want to safely increase your testosterone levels to see gains in your muscle mass, strength, and libido, then you need to invest in Lecheek Andro-5A. Protect your muscle and your ego with Lecheek Andro-5A.