1. Andro Bomb
Andro Bomb
Andro Bomb by Advanced Muscle Science

Andro Bomb

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1ml, 120 servings of 152mg 1-Androstene
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Andro Bomb Benefits and Reviews

Are you ready for the next level of pro-hormone supplement? Andro Bomb from Advanced Muscle Science is a unique stack of three pro-hormones that utilizes a revolutionary liquid delivery system, ensuring a high level of bioavailability. Users gain an average of 15 pounds of muscle mass on just one cycle!

Andro Bomb is made up three scientifically researched and user tested ingredients: 1-Androsterone™, Decavol™ , and 5-Alpha Test™. Once ingested, these ingredients are converted to steroid hormones and delivered directly to your lean muscle tissue. These powerful DHEA metabolites work together to increase strength gains, dramatically improve lean muscle growth, and decrease stored fat. You won’t find a safer, non-liver toxic pro-hormone on the market. Experience the elite quality of Andro Bomb from Advanced Muscle Science.