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200mg Proprietary Blend Cutting Agent
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C2K Benefits and Reviews

Are you still using ordinary, low-grade thermogenic supplements to help give you a boost? If you want to own your workouts while increasing fat burning, then it’s time you invested in C2K by LG Sciences. This is the only stimulant-free thermogenic that is proven to help boost your metabolic rate, incinerate stored fat, and amplify natural energy levels.

It all comes down to the perfect formula. C2K by LG Sciences contains three scientifically proven ingredients that are ideal for weight loss and energy enhancement. Raspberry Ketones and L-Carnitine activate fat metabolism allowing the body to use stored fat for energy. Green Coffee Bean Extract boosts concentration, focus and alertness to keep you at the top of your game at home, in the weight room and office. Super charge your weight loss with C2K by LG Sciences.