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65mg of 1-DHEA


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Testosterone Precursor
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What is Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs?





That’s what you’ll get from Chosen 1 by Blackstone Labs.

Chosen 1 is a powerful blend of 1-DHEA, making it a force of change that will help you reach new heights of lean and dry muscle mass.

If you’re fed up with false promises by other prohormone brands, it’s time you get the results you’ve been after with Chosen 1 from Blackstone Labs.

Who is Chosen1 best for, and why its effective?

Given its user proven reputation, 1-DHEA can be an ideal choice for anyone (beginner or pro) that wants to add size to the body and weight to the barbell.

The 1-DHEA blend that you’ll find in Chosen1 does not convert directly to testosterone or estrogen; rather, it converts to 1-testosterone and 1-androstenediol. What’s the difference? 1-testosterone is an anabolic and androgenic compound that is NOT estrogenic. This means you won’t have to worry about estrogen conversion or the gyno-based side effects associated with it.


You know the science so let’s get to the best part. What can you expect if you make Chosen 1 your choice supplement?

Muscle Mass

Chosen 1 promotes the growth and recovery of muscle mass. Providing your body with the perfect anabolic and androgenic environment that it needs to produce size, Chosen 1 is going to be your key to transformation. (1)

Dry Gains

Chosen 1 is very well known for promoting dry gains. This means that you won’t have that bloated or puffy look while taking it. It is an excellent choice for cutting season or before a show. (1)


One of the greatest things about Chosen 1 is its ability to boost your gains in strength. Studies show that subjects supplementing with 1-DHEA saw an increase in muscle, a decrease in body fat, and a huge boost in the weight used during compound exercises such as the squat and bench press. (1)

Chosen 1 Product Reviews

Chances are that you’ve been told genetics are going to limit your ability to achieve the body you really want. Whoever told you that had clearly never used a product like Chosen 1 from Blackstone Labs. Stop being forced to accept your current size and take the step you need to achieve incredible growth. Chosen 1 from Blackstone Labs is a unique blend of 1-DHEA, a proven prohomone that will maximize size, strength, and libido. Attain the impossible with Chosen 1.

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