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Super 4-DHEA Supplement
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What is Construct?

Do you want all of the size and strength gains that come with pro-hormones without the nasty side effects? It’s time you tried Construct by Genetically Altered Pharma.

Construct is a powerful DHEA, or Dehydroepiandrosterone, supplement that forces muscles to grow, strength to increase, and fat to burn away. Construct is considered a pro-hormone alternative. Its main ingredient is Super-4-DHEA, a proven way to smash past your genetic limitations and physical ability plateaus.

Construct is supported by RAID technology. This Rapid Androgen Injection Delivery system provides the highest levels of bioavailability, ensuring your body can ingest and utilize Construct to see staggering results.

Benefits of Construct

The magic of Construct by Genetically Altered Pharma lies in the primary ingredient, 3b-enanthoxyandrost-4-en-17-one. Providing you with 150 mg of high quality Super-4-DHEA, you can rest assured that you will experience monstrous gains in lean muscle mass as well as strength. Construct also triggers a powerful fat burning response, allowing you to shed fat while maximizing muscle. Taken as a part of a challenging weight lifting routine, Construct can create the ideal anabolic environment to promote growth.

Construct is an extreme muscle builder that can be taken by itself or in conjunction with other muscle enhancing supplements such as a pro-hormone. With its proven ability to support growth hormone production, it will be important to pair Construct with appropriate On-Cycle and Post-Cycle Therapy supplements.

Reviews for Construct

Try Construct today from DHEA Outlet and let us know what you think.

“One of the best stacks I’ve ever used. Put it together with a pro-hormone and a great PCT. Had no issues with side effects and wound up gaining over 9 pounds of muscle. Definitely recommend.”