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Cycle Support

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Cycle Support
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What is Cycle Support by Hard Rock Supplements

Cycle support is an outstanding offering from Hard Rock Supplements that’s designed to protect your blood pressure, liver function, heart, cholesterol levels and acne while you’re cycling. Essentially, it’s both a post-cycle and on-cycle supplement. It’s all-inclusive, and is designed for use when you’re cycling a prohormone.

Benefits of using Cycle Support

Keep in mind that prohormones can be liver toxic. Cycle support contains milk thistle and NAC to keep your liver healthy while you’re prohormone cycling, and it also contains saw palmetto extract for prostate support.

A word of caution – this product is intended only for adult men. It is not recommended for women, or for anyone under the age of 21. Additionally, if you have a medical condition, or you are using any prescription drugs, you are strongly advised to consult a physician before using this product. And never, ever exceed the recommended dosage. This is a very powerful supplement and should not, generally speaking, be combined with other medications or supplements. If you have high blood pressure, thyroid problems, kidney dysfunction, or a seizure disorder, do not take this supplement without a doctor’s approval. Additionally, if you have had a stroke or you are clinically depressed, consult a physician before taking this supplement. Keep this product out of the reach of children.

Reviews of Cycle Support by Hard Rock Supplements

When taken as directed, this is an effective cycle support product, but it is very powerful and should not be misused. Abusing this product can increase the risk of seizures and strokes, and may also aggravate depression and cause difficulty urinating. Take only as directed.

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