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Decamate Radical Androgen System


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Decamate DHEA Supplement
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Decamate Radical Androgen System by Genetically Altered Pharmaceuticals

Building a lean and muscular physique is one thing but if you want to pack on pounds of hardcore muscle mass then the average supplement isn’t going to be of much use. You need something as serious as your muscle mass goals. You need a supplement that is as intense as your desire to grow. You need the Decamate Radical Androgen System by Genetically Altered Pharmaceuticals.

Decamate is a monster anabolic supplement that has been scientifically designed to promote extreme levels of muscle size, strength, and power. Using only precise dosages of the most renowned, proven, and trusted ingredients on the market, we have developed an industry-leading supplement that promotes tremendous muscle growth, fat burning, and performance enhancement.

Get Ready to Grow… with Decamate

The Decamate Radical Androgen System has been created to trigger intense muscle growth through a number of different processes. The most effective method of muscle growth is through the increase of sex steroid hormones in the body. Growth hormones such as testosterone and IGF-I will see sky high levels thanks to Super 4 and Super 19 DHEA. Several studies, including a ground breaking one published in Clinical Endocrinology, have demonstrated the dramatic increase in muscle mass and strength when supplementing with DHEA. (1) Decamate contains several types of DHEA to ensure ultimate growth phases.

Understandably, you may be concerned about gyno side effects from the elevated levels of sex steroid hormones. Decamate has your back. It contains an insane suicide aromatase inhibitor called Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione, or Arimistane. This ingredient is the most trusted estrogen eliminator in the industry for guys looking to pack on muscle without the side effects of man boobs, low testosterone levels, and acne. (2)

Build Explosive Strength and Power with Decamate

One of the primary ways in which the Decamate Radical Androgen System builds muscle is through increasing the body’s strength and power. The combination of high dosage DHEA present in Decamate is what drives the dramatic amplification of strength, allowing you to reach new heights in the gym. (1) Pushing bigger plates will help you pack on even more muscle than you thought possible.

Recover Faster, Get Back to the Gym Sooner

What good is having insane strength and power if you’re too sore to use it? Lucky for you, the Decamate Radical Androgen System has been engineered to boost your recovery time. Forget about the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness. You’ll be ready to hit the weights again faster than ever. This accelerated healing will allow you to work muscle groups several times per week, thereby promoting epic levels of muscle growth. The secret to recovery lies in the benefits of DHEA. Aside from kick starting your growth hormones, it also plays a critical role in the post-workout recovery process. (1)

Decamate Reviews

Squats and deadlifts are great but if you want to start gaining head-turning muscle mass then you need to push your body to the next level with the Decamate Radical Androgen System from Genetically Altered Pharmaceuticals. Experience hardcore gains today.


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