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Strength and Muscle Booster


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Increase Testosterone Levels
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Equibolin by Hi-Tech Pharma

What is Equibolin?

Has your body given up on you?

Are you trying to increase your testosterone levels?

Want to obtain more lean muscle mass?

Equibolin is the last precursor to the steroid, Boldenone. This prohormone is used to increase the sensitivity of your muscle building receptors. With your receptors more aware, it allows the body to initiate its muscle tissue rebuilding phase. The result is a vast yield of lean muscle mass.

Also with its testosterone boosting properties, you’ll enjoy an increase in energy, power, and size while decreasing body fat.

Who is Equibolin ideal for? Why is it effective?

This prohormone is for those whose primary goal is to enhance recovery so that greater gains can be seen. Whether you want to maximize growth or if you have previous complications with a rotator cuff or nerve, Equibolin can help to speed up your recovery time.

If you do find this prohormone is for you then you should be stacking with an ICT during your cycle. Once you are finished your cycle, follow up with a PCT to ensure your body’s ability to maintain its growth.

The potential conversion rate for the 1,4 Andro found in Equibolin is quite impressive. The conversion is in favor for increasing the growth and repair of muscle tissues while the low estrogen rate allows for very minimal side effects.

Equibolin is a non-methylated prohormone that increases the user’s appetite, strength, energy and overall muscle mass. The key converted prohormone, Boldenone, has been shown to produce minimal side effects making it a safe and effective supplement.

What are the benefits of using Equibolin?

This product specifically converts to Boldenone in order to maximize the body’s ability to recover and grow at a faster rate.

1,4 Andro
  • Improves receptor activation
  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • High level of oral bioavailability
Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract
  • Promotes muscle growth
Equibolin reviews

Equibolin is a powerful prohormone that uses specific agents to target designated weaknesses. In this case, the weakness is the user’s ability to recover and grow at a faster rate.

What makes Equibolin so special is the conversion to the user tried and true, Boldenone. With this conversion, you’ll experience an increase in sensitivity of receptor activation. This will cause faster muscle recovery and, in turn, greater gains in muscle size and strength.

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