1. Estrobomb PCT
Estrobomb PCT
Estrobomb PCT with 7-Keto DHEA

Estrobomb PCT

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Post Cycle Estrogen Blocker
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What is Estrobomb?

During a pro-hormone cycle, your testosterone levels will be sky high and you will be reaping all of the benefits with increased muscle mass, strength gains, and fat burning. Once your cycle ends, your body will be looking to achieve balance by increasing estrogen levels and halting testosterone production.

The result?

You lose most of those hard-earned gains and deal with the consequences of increased estrogen such as man-boobs and depression. If you want to wage a battle against estrogen so that you can keep your muscle and strength while protecting your testosterone levels, then it is time to invest in Estrobomb by Genetically Altered Pharma.

Benefits of Estrobomb

Estrobomb by Genetically Altered Pharma contains the most effective and proven Aromatase inhibitors on the market. Armed with a revolutionary formula, Estrobomb is backed by RAID technology. Rapid Androgen Injection Delivery ensures the highest level of bioavailability for Estrobomb. The result is more efficient assimilation and greater results.

Super-7-DHEA (7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone)
- Powerful steroid hormone
- Triggers growth hormone production
- Supports fat metabolism
- Blocks muscle-wasting effects of Cortisol
Arimistane (Androst-3,5-diene-7-dione)
- Natural Aromatase inhibitor
- Promotes Testosterone production
- Increases sex drive
- Boosts recovery
- Natural Aromatase inhibitor
- Stops the production of progesterone (harmful to muscle gains)
- Assists in estrogen detoxification
- Supports high-end recovery

Reviews for Estrobomb

“I was really nervous about taking my first pro-hormone because of the side effects I heard about. I made sure to immediately start taking Estrobomb after my cycle. Very glad I did. This supplement is great. I kept most of my muscle gains without any side effects of high estrogen. Definitely going to use this again as a standalone.”