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Green Stinger
27mg of Ephedra

Green Stinger

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Ephedra weight loss supplement
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What is Green Stinger by Schwartz Laboratories?

Green stinger is one of the most powerful thermogenic weight loss supplements on the market today, containing 27mg of ephedra – the most you’ll find in any diet pill. It also contains 8 additional thermognics, and 3 thermogenic extenders. This ephedra supplement will help you lose weight like no other dietary supplement.

Green Stinger with Ephedra Benefits

Thermogenesis is a process by which your body temperature is raised by a few degrees, so your body burns calories even when you’re not exercising. Ephedra is the main ingredient in Green Stinger, and as a fat burner, it has no equal. Green Stinger also contains citrus aurantium, another powerful fat burner that will boost your metabolism without increasing your blood pressure or heart rate.

Of course your body wants to maintain the status quo, so when you use a metabolism booster, the body releases compounds that are designed to return your metabolism to the way it was before you took the weight loss aid. That’s why good thermogenic supplements also contain caffeine and salacin (an aspirin-like substance found in white willow bark). This is the ECA stack that helps you to burn calories and lose weight faster.

Green Stinger Reviews

The problem with many ephedra weight loss supplements is that they can leave you feeling anxious or jittery. Green Stinger contains theobroma cocoa and phenylethylamine HCL, which help keep the jitters away and improve your mental focus. So, with Green Stinger, you’ll lose weight fast, increase your energy, and experience none of the undesirable side effects of other ephedra weight loss aids.

Just take one tablet two times a day, and you’ll lose weight fast. Be sure to drink plenty of water, because thermogenicfat burner supplements work best when you’re properly hydrated.

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