1. Hormone Regulation Kit
Hormone Regulation Kit
Complete Hormone Regulation Kit by AMS

Hormone Regulation Kit

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1-Andro Rde with 4-AD RDe Bulking Kit
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Hormone Regulation Kit Benefits and Reviews

Are you ready to break through your size plateau and take your muscle gains to the next level? The Hormone Regulation Kit from Advanced Muscle Science has just what you need to become the true alpha. The kit contains three scientifically proven mass building ingredients: 1-Androsterone RDe™, 4-AD RDe™, and Arom-X RDe™.

1-Androsterone RDe™ is a metabolite of the steroid hormone precursor DHEA. 4-AD RDe™ is also derived from DHEA and is used specifically for bulking. Lastly, Arom-X RDe™ is a natural PCT used to boost testosterone levels while eliminating estrogen. Working together, these three ingredients are delivered through the groundbreaking RDe (Rapid Dissolve Effervescent) delivery system to ensure your muscles get what they need. If you want real muscle in real time, try the Hormone Regulation Kit from Advanced Muscle Science.