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Lean and Hot
27mg of Ephedra

Lean and Hot

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diet pill with 27mg of ephedra
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What is Lean and Hot by Schwartz Laboratories?

Lean and Hot is an ephedra based diet supplement that does more than just help you lose weight. This strong thermogenic isn’t just a fat burner – it actually speeds up your metabolism, fights free radicals, increases your energy, and even helps you focus your mind. It is a 3-phase fat burner that works better than any weight loss pill on the market.

How Lean and Hot works.

Phase 1: The powerhouse ingredients in the Lean and Hot Fat Loss Phase that help you to burn fat include ephedra, white willow bark and caffeine. Together, these ingredients comprise an ECA stack. ECA stands for ephedra, caffeine and aspirin, but Lean and Hot substitutes white willow bark, which contains salicin. It’s a compound very much like aspirin, but more easily tolerated by some people.

Phase 2: If you find you have difficulty focusing, the acacia, gingko, bacopa and other beneficial ingredients in the Lean and Hot Clarity Phase may help to improve your cognitive function. You’ll also feel more relaxed, sleep better, and be less prone to depression.

Phase 3: The Lean and Hot Free Radical Shield Phase combines antioxidants and ingredients that will boost your immune system. Environmental pollutant, bacteria and viruses constantly bombard our bodies. A healthy immune system can be yours with this blend of green tea, acai, grape seed extract and other ingredients that act as immune system boosters.

Lean and Hot Reviews

Lean and Hot is the real deal – a fat burner that also boosts your energy, improves your concentration, and protects you from free radicals. Take one capsule twice a day, and be sure to stay properly hydrated to get the best benefits from this superior thermogenicdiet supplement.

Lean and Hot cannot be shipped to the state of California.

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