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Liquid 4-AD 1ml, 60 servings
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What is 4-AD?

Are you tired of spending hours in the gym each week without attaining the size and strength you really want? Do you want to see a dramatic shift in your muscle growth and ability to lift more than you ever thought you could? If you want to get serious about your gains, then it’s time to start utilizing 4-AD by Advanced Muscle Science.

4-AD is a liquid-based legal steroidal metabolite known as 4-DHEA. It has been shown through various trials to help users smash through plateaus, allowing seemingly average men and women to build unbelievable levels of strength and muscle. 4-AD has a unique formula that triggers an aggressive energy during your toughest workouts. Since it’s safe and non-toxic to the liver, you can enjoy the benefits without the side effects you may get from illegal steroids. Use it as a standalone supplement or stack it with other pro-hormones.

Benefits of 4-AD

As a legal steroidal metabolite, 4-AD (4-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one) is able to achieve a high level of conversion to testosterone in the body. The benefits of increased growth hormones are numerous including protein synthesis and muscle anabolism. Paired with an aggressive workout routine, 4-AD can help trigger an extreme growth effect, resulting in explosive strength and amazing lean muscle mass.

The magic of 4-AD is in its liquid delivery. Unlike taking a pill or capsule, which must be broken down by the body, liquid delivery is ready for absorption and assimilation. Using a complex nanocarrier system, 4-AD is readily utilized, resulting in amazing gains within a short period of time.

Reviews for 4-AD

“I had massive strength gains. I bulked up and put on 10 pounds of muscle. A little was water, but I was okay with it as I got it off during my lean phase. I will use this product again no doubt.”