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M1D Andro

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Platinum Series M1D Andro Caplets or Liquid
SKU: 1000000254
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M1D Andro Benefits and Reviews

Who says you can't have muscle growth, fat burning, and a shredded body at the same time? Whether you want to step on the bodybuilding stage or show off at the beach, M1D Andro by LG Sciences can help you reach new levels of size and strength.

How M1D Andro Works

M1D Andro by LG Sciences is a powerful estrogen blocker. This steroidal compound is highly bio-available, offers anti-estrogenic benefits, and helps to keep your converted testosterone. Best of all, it will skyrocket your testosterone levels, ensuring you are able to dramatically increase the amount of lean muscle mass. You are not going to find a better estrogen blocker for amplifying the anabolic environment in your body. Get big and get shredded with M1D Andro by LG Sciences.

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