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What is Methoxyvone?

Methoxyvone by LG Sciences, also referred to as the “Anabolic Silver Bullet,” is an anabolic booster that stays clear of any steroid-like side effects. This anabolic booster utilizes one of the best delivery systems for getting its physique changing ingredients into your body.

When taken properly, Methoxyvone will help you achieve that lean muscular physique look while making advances in your strength.

Who is Methoxyvone ideal for? Why is it effective?

Methoxyvone is for those of us who train hard but still maintain that “skinny-fat” body type. This anabolic booster will help increase lean muscle mass and strength while torching body fat away. Methoxyvone avoids all androgenic steroid-like side effects. With no side effects, this product is safe to be taken by everyone from the novice of fitness to the guru of supplements.

What makes Methoxyvone so effective is the formula. All of the ingredients were chosen because they work well with each other when it comes to increasing your anabolic rate. What’s more, with help of Cyclosome technology, not only was LG Sciences able to create an advanced formula but they also found a way for your body to absorb this product at its fullest potential.

What are the benefits of using Methoxyvone?

Methoxyvone is beneficial in many ways due to the properties of the chosen ingredients found in the formula.


  • Improves protein synthesis and nitrogen stability
  • Supports gains in muscle mass


  • Improves rate of protein synthesis
  • Increases lean muscle mass, endurance and vitality


  • Decreases cortisol levels
  • Reduces body fat


  • Aids in the formula reaching the bloodstream for maximum absorption

Methoxyvone Reviews

Methoxyvone is an anabolic booster that uses trusted ingredients with the help of advanced technology to be the best anabolic booster on the market.

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