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What is Omnipotent?

Are you going through a bulking phase and looking for the supplement that will help you achieve vast muscle mass? Or are you ready to get cut while building lean muscle tissue to expose that chiseled look? No matter what your fitness goals, Omnipotent by Genetically Altered Pharma is going to help get you there.

Omnipotent is a ground-breaking muscle building supplement that offers the benefits found within many pro-hormones without the risky side effects. It supports muscle growth, fat oxidation, and strength amplification. If you’re ready to start getting serious about your size and strength, then it’s time you experience the Omnipotent difference.

Benefits of Omnipotent

Found within each serving of Omnipotent by Genetically Altered Pharma is 150 mg of Super-1-DHEA (3b-enanthoxyandrost-1-en-17-one).


Super-1-DHEA is a renowned anabolic boosting muscle builder. 150 mg per serving has been shown to be extremely effective at supporting muscle mass gains. It is common to gain between 8 to 10 pounds in a short amount of time!

Protein Synthesis

In order to grow, you need protein synthesis. Omnipotent’s revolutionary ingredients trigger a high-end result of protein synthesis, creating the perfect anabolic environment.


Omnipotent’s unique formula allows for maximum strength increases. Push yourself to the limit during every workout.

Growth Hormones

Super-1-DHEA is also an ideal way to encourage growth hormone production. Your body needs specific growth hormones in order to support maximum muscle gains. Omnipotent boosts the production of IGF-1 and Testosterone.

Reviews for Omnipotent

“I was very happy with the gains from Omnipotent. I used it by itself but I can’t imagine how insane the results would have been from stacking it with a pro-hormone. Definitely recommend this one.”