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Fat Burner & Muscle Gainer


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Fat Burner and Muscle Gainer
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What is Ostalean by EPG

Ostalean by EPG is a selective androgen receptor modulator. It mimics the beneficial effects of anabolic steroids and prohormones, with none of the attendant dangers. The user realizes an increase in strength and an increase in muscle mass along with a reduction in body fat. It is used for a cutting or bulking cycle, and users can typically expect a gain of anywhere from five to ten pounds of lean muscle mass during a cycle.

Benefits of Ostalean by EPG

Because Ostalean is non-methlyated, you don't have to worry about liver toxicity or other adverse effects. Additionally, your blood pressure will not be adversely affected. Issues usually only occur if you exceed the recommended dose, or if you cycle too long. If you find that you are experiencing nausea, headaches, or acne outbreaks, we recommend that you discontinue using Ostalean until you consult a physician.

Ostalean delivers the benefits of anabolic steroids with none of the side effects.

Reviews of Ostalean

Ostalean is a fast solution. It works cumulatively, and delivers the best results when taken for eight weeks consecutively. That is why it is only recommended for committed body builders. Once you reach the eight week point, we recommend that you use an estrogen blocker.

Ostalean can be safely used by women, but we recommend that they use half the dose suggested for men, and over a longer period of time. Men should take two capsules each day for 60 days. Women should take one capsule daily for 120 days. Ostalean can be taken with or without food.

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