1. Pro Anabolic Kit RDe
Pro Anabolic Kit RDe
Pro Anabolic Kit Rde by AMS

Pro Anabolic Kit RDe

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8 Week Pro Anabolic RDe Kit
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Pro Anabolic Kit RDe Benefits and Reviews

The formula that started it all is now 30% stronger, ensuring bigger muscle gains and more dry cut definition. Advanced Muscle Science is proud to present the latest in their pro-hormone line-up: the Pro Anabolic Kit RDe. The difference is in the delivery system. This kit uses a Rapid Dissolve Effervescent (RDe) delivery and assimilation system, ensuring 99% of the pro-hormones are utilized by your body.

Prepare to gain up to 15 pounds of rock solid muscle with a scientifically engineered formula featuring Decavol RDe™, 4-AD RDe™, and Arom-X RDe™. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started and succeed. Best of all, it is non-toxic and completely safe. Stop worrying about side effects and start building real muscle mass with the Pro Anabolic Kit RDe from Advanced Muscle Science.