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60 Tablets with 150 mg of Super DHEA
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What is Savant Super DHEA?

Packed with 150 mg of pure DHEA per serving, Savant by Genetically Altered Pharma is exactly what you need to see unbelievable gains in muscle size and strength. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been training for years or weeks, making Savant a part of your workout and supplementation program is sure to bring you the lean muscle mass you have been wanting.

DHEA is a unique hormone in the human body that has been shown to play an important role in supporting metabolic, immunity and other processes. As a fitness supplement, DHEA can increase growth hormone production as well as protein synthesis. This creates the ideal anabolic environment, triggering the maximum growth response from your muscles. If you want to unlock your true potential without the risk of illegal steroids or shady pro-hormones, then it’s time you invested in Savant.

Benefits of Savant

What makes Savant by Genetically Altered Pharma unique? At 150 mg per serving, it contains one of the highest dosages you will find among DHEA supplements. What’s more, the primary ingredient is Super-R-DHEA (3a-enanthoxy-5a-androstan-17-one). This intense form of DHEA has been proven to providing the following benefits in the weight room.

  • Improves protein absorption
  • Amplifies the size of lean muscle tissue
  • Promotes a hard, muscular look (dry cut)
  • Dramatically increases strength
  • Supports hardcore vascularity
  • Increases overall athletic performance

Reviews for Savant

Enjoy all the benefits of Savant Super DHEA without having to worry about all the negative side effects of steriods.

“Highly recommend. I used this just before going to the gym and it gave me an insane pump along with a super aggressive workout. Definitely buying again soon.”