1. Sparta Hard

Sparta Hard

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Hardening Agent
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What is Sparta Hard?

Have you always wanted to notice the striations in your muscles?

Looking for the best agent for mass on the market?

Can’t find the right prohormone for you?

Sparta Hard is a prohormone specifically designed to provide you with the most shredded physique your body can obtain on its own.

The ingredients found in Sparta Hard are there to help with the tightening of the skin and production of lean muscle mass. This prohormone will assist in giving you the strength and size results you would see from most other prohormones with the added benefit of causing your muscles to really pop out of their shell.

Who is Sparta Hard ideal for? Why is it effective?

Sparta Hard is for prohormone users who want a little extra from their supplement. If you are experienced and knowledgeable in supplements and you can’t seem to make it work with other generic prohormones then Sparta Hard is for you.

Sparta Hard may be a specified prohormone but it’s still a prohormone none the less and shall be treated as such. If taken correctly, one full bottle of Sparta Hard should supply you with just enough for a thirty day cycle. While on this cycle, it is advised to be stacking with an ICT. Then once completed, be sure to find the right PCT for you to ensure no loss of gains.

Sparta Hard is the one of the strongest and most potent formulas used for the increase of lean muscle mass and strength. This formula is ideal to reach your maximum efficiency for muscle strength and development.

What are the benefits of using Sparta Hard?

Sparta Hard gets its efficiency from its three over-powered compounds that help in muscle development while specifically targeting the muscles to obtain a defined mass look.

Super-Ra DHEA

  • Converts into Stanolone while preventing conversion into estrogen
  • Increases in strength, libido and muscular endurance
  • Boosts aggression and motivation

Super-Rb DHEA

  • Reduces estrogen
  • Increases strength, energy, and vascularity
  • Promotes loss of water weight
  • Supports libido


  • Boosts strength levels
  • Supports muscle mass development

Sparta Hard reviews

If you want a prohormone that will provide you with muscle mass and tightness then look no further. The name says it all.

Sparta Hard will provide you with all of the benefits you might expect to see from a Sparta-based prohormone. You get size, strength, and leanness.

Sparta Nutrition has used three components to provide you with the best vascular, mass-building prohormone on the market. Each compound has its assignment from hormone conversion and hormone blocking to building strength and muscle.