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Lean Muscle Mass Prohormone
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What is Spartan Lean by Sparta Nutrition?

Do you want that warrior-like physique?

Looking for a safe and effective prohormone?

Find yourself short on time?

If you answered yes to any of the mentioned questions, then Sparta Lean is what you are looking for.

Sparta Lean by Sparta Nutrition happens to be a potent, yet safe prohormone supplement with a specific goal: gains.

Sparta Lean is a prohormone used not only to gain an insane amount of muscle mass but to help shape those muscles and your total body physique. This prohormone will also assist in the promotion of extreme fat loss resulting in that Spartan warrior body.

Who is Sparta Lean ideal for? Why is it effective?

If you happen to be getting ready for the summer or even a competition and you are looking to obtain that god-like physique then Sparta Lean is for you.

Sparta Lean happens to be a prohormone that is non-estrogenic. What this means is that there is no conversion of estrogen flowing through your body, making it a safe product to consume if you want to avoid gyno side effects. This prohormone should be stacked together with a proper ICT during and followed by a PCT after completion of cycle.

Sparta Lean’s formula pairs together two DHEA agents that complement one another extremely well, producing the greatest results a DHEA can provide. The pairing of these components is why Sparta Lean is one of the greatest fat burning, lean muscle mass gaining prohormones on the market.

What are the benefits of using Sparta Lean?

Sparta Lean uses a highly potent and well pairing group of ingredients to provide you with incredible results in less time.

7-DHEA (7-Keto-DHEA)

  • No estrogenic conversions
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Increases metabolic rate

11-DHEA (Andrenosterone)

  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Drives libido and bedroom performance

Sparta Lean reviews

The era of the Spartans was a time where boys were molded into warriors.

The males would go out to hunt, work and travel great distances. Those conditions are what made Spartans become so tough and muscular; however, in today’s world, our bodies have adjusted to a life of laziness. This has made it incredibly difficult to look like the warriors of the past... until now.

Sparta Lean uses an advanced DHEA blend to deliver the most potent prohormone for muscle mass and fat loss.