1. Super 1-Andro RX
Super 1-Andro RX
Strength, Hardening, Recovery

Super 1-Andro RX

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Lean Muscle Mass Builder
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What is Super 1-Andro RX by Iron Mag Labs?

Trying new supplements but can’t smash your plateau?

Short on time but still wish to obtain muscle mass?

Tired of seeing no results from other supplements?

If you are exhausted from the empty promises that other supplements claim then look no further. Super 1-Andro RX is a proven supplement that produces the greatest results. Super 1-Andro RX is a prohormone that will help you break new PRs and achieve the greatest amount of muscle mass.

Who is Super 1-Andro RX ideal for? Why is Super 1-Andro RX Effective?

Super 1-Andro is an ideal supplement for anyone who actually wants to see results. It is ideal for an individual looking to gain more strength and raw power as well as see an increase in muscle mass throughout their body. You’ll also be able to boost the rate in which you reduce body fat.

If you are a beginner, it would be recommended to avoid other supplements. At least until you have seen results and are getting more comfortable with your abilities. When your cycle has been fully completed then it is crucial to use a high quality PCT to avoid any estrogen-based side effects and to help your liver stay healthy.

If you happen to be more of a veteran with supplements and fitness then you can easily stack this product with others. It would be advised to stack this product with a non-methylated prohormone. Again, once you are finished the cycle, follow up with a PCT.

What are the benefits of using Super 1-Andro RX?

What sets Super 1-Andro RX apart from other supplements is that is actually produces results. It is a popular prohormone due to its potency. Once consumed, it converts to 1-Testosterone and 6.7-dihydroxybergamottin and Piperine help to increase the rate of absorption.

Potency isn’t the only thing you look for on the label. When using Super 1-Andro RX, you’re also looking at proven results thanks to its effective formula that will promote muscle building and fat burning without the common gyno side effects that you might get from others.


  • Elevate levels of muscle mass
  • Burn body fat
  • Increase strength and raw power
  • Does not convert into estrogen (1)


  • Ingredient commonly found in grapefruit
  • Increase the bioavailability and intake of 1-Andro (2)


  • Enhances rate of absorption
  • Helps to reduce muscle pain (3)

Super 1-Andro RX Reviews

After going through all of the information provided above, we can gather that Super 1-Andro RX is the product you want if you wish to see results. It won’t only provide you with increased levels of muscle mass but it will also improve your strength and power. If you want to smash through your personal best, then Super 1-Andro RX is a product you should be taking. Best of all, this prohormone provides you with incredible gains in muscle mass without the side effects commonly associated with prohormone use.