1. Testobomb PCT
Testobomb PCT
Testobomb PCT by Genetic Pharma

Testobomb PCT

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What is Testobomb PCT?

When men hit the age of 30, their testosterone levels peak and begin to decline as they age. Many symptoms that men experience in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s have everything to do with low testosterone levels. Symptoms of low testosterone include increase in body fat (weight gain), decrease in lean muscle tissue (muscle wasting), and mood swings (depression). The solution that some men are turning to is testosterone injections. These injections are expensive and risky. If you want to naturally support your testosterone levels for fitness gains, muscle size, or overall health, it’s time you discovered Testobomb PCT by Genetically Altered Pharma.

Benefits of Testobomb PCT

Testobomb PCT by Genetically Altered Pharma is one of the most effective testosterone boosting supplements on the market. You can take it as a standalone product to increase your testosterone or as a Post Cycle Therapy supplement following a pro-hormone cycle. Testobomb contains a unique formula with scientifically proven ingredients to effectively increase your body’s natural testosterone production.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
Stimulates the production of human growth hormone
Powerful muscle building hormone
Dramatically increases recovery post-workout
Fenugreek (50% Fenusides)
Very well known testosterone booster
Helps prevent hair loss (useful during a pro-hormone cycle)
High nutrient profile to support recovery
Tongkat Ali Extract (1:100)
Increases testosterone production
Enhances energy and performance
Supports lean muscle tissue gains
Holy Basil
Natural testosterone booster
Enhances post-workout recovery process
Helps to detox the body

Reviews for Testobomb PCT

“Used Testobomb after a pro-hormone cycle and I’m really glad I did. It supported all of my gains and helped me avoid the usual gyno horror stories (man-boobs, acne, hair loss). I would recommend using this supplement.”