1. TMX Andro Stack
TMX Andro Stack
DHEA Stack

TMX Andro Stack

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Comprehensive DHEA Stack
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What is TMX Andro Stack?

Lacking testosterone?

Want to obtain that shredded look?

Not getting the most out of your other supplements?

The TMX Andro Stack contains 1-Andro, a compound that has been shown to be seven times the anabolic strength of testosterone. This will help in the production of testosterone, which will help produce results in muscle mass, strength and physique.

Who is TMX Andro Stack ideal for? Why is it effective?

TMX Andro Stack is meant to be taken by anyone who wants to see an increase in testosterone. Whether you need more testosterone in order for your body to obtain maximum muscle results or if you just want more testosterone to feel like a man, TMX Andro Stack can help.

When taken properly, TMX Andro Stack can be effective for all users. Experienced or not, you should be taking this stack with Dermacrine. Some users have claimed to see decreases in their natural production of testosterone. Taking Dermacrine with this product will help prevent these changes in your body. Once finished, you should be taking a PCT for best results.

For advanced users, you might want to take a D-Aspartic Acid supplement to help boost and maintain testosterone levels.

What are the benefits of using TMX Andro Stack?

TMX Andro Stack is one of the top stacks due to its selection of ingredients. The ingredients selected in this formula can help produce massive amounts of testosterone and muscle building hormones. As a result, you’ll see the hardening of muscles, increases in strength, acceleration in your rate of protein synthesis, a more vascular look and the decrease of fat.


  • DHEA derivative
  • Seven times the anabolic strength of testosterone
  • Does not convert into estrogen (1)


  • DHEA derivative
  • Increases sex drive
  • Improves mood
  • Produces more strength and muscle mass gains


  • Plant derivative
  • Faster rate of protein synthesis and retention of nitrogen
  • Increases strength and muscle mass
  • Promotes muscle endurance and recovery
  • Maintains stress levels (2)

TMX Andro Stack Reviews

We can say that the TMX Andro Stack is one of the best used in order to increase testosterone. This is all thanks to its three key ingredients (1-Andro, Epiandrosterone and Laxogenin). If you are trying to achieve the greatest amount of lean muscle mass and burn fat then look no further. As a bonus, if you happen to be feeling under the weather and are looking to enhance your mood and energy levels then this will only be a complement to your new size and strength.