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Yellow Scorpion
Yellow Scorpion with Ephedra

Yellow Scorpion

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25mg of Ephedra for weight loss
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What is Yellow Scorpion?

Do you find yourself lagging and fatigued well before the day is done? Do you keep putting off your workouts because you’re just too tired? If you want the energy to power through your workouts and ignite your fat burning power, then you need to feel the sting of Yellow Scorpion with ephedra from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Yellow Scorpion is an Ephedra extract-based supplement featuring a unique formula containing the most tested and proven metabolic boosting ingredients. These ingredients have been used by millions of people with success. Yellow Scorpion will do more than carry you through the day; it will ensure your body is primed for fat loss.

Benefits of Yellow Scorpion with Ephedra

Yellow Scorpion is packed with benefits. If you are looking for one ephedra diet pill that can conquer all your needs in one tablet, than Yellow Scorpion is the product for you. Hi-Tech's inferior ephedra diet pills will increase your energy levels, suppress your appetite, and boost thermogensis in the body by using all of its ingredients.

Yellow Scorpion by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals contains 25 mg of ephedra, the revolutionary Thermo-Z brand Ephedra extract! That’s not all. The formula is also packed with other elite fat burners such as Acacia Rigidula, Kola Nut Extract, and Yohimbe Extract.

Yellow Scorpion Ingredients

All of these ingredients are what make Yellow Scorpion such a powerful weight loss supplement.

Thermo-Z Ephedra Extract (25 mg guaranteed per serving)

  • Powerful thermogenic
  • Increase fat metabolism
  • Amplifies strength and performance

White Willow Bark

  • Popular thermogenic
  • Promotes body fat reduction
  • Alleviates muscle soreness and pain


  • Increases energy and performance levels
  • Supports body fat reduction
  • Enhances blood flow and dilation of blood vessels

Green Tea Extract (EGCG)

  • Powerful antioxidant thermogenic
  • Enhances insulin processes
  • Increases fat metabolism

Yellow Scorpion with Ephedra Reviews

Yellow Scorpion contains the perfect amount of Ephedra mixed with Acacia Rigidula to give you all the support you need to lose weight. Using its ingredients this product will suppress your appetite and boost your energy levels. One of the best benefits of Yellow Scorpion is how it enhances your ability to focus. Enjoy Yellow Scorpion with Ephedra and all the benefits you get from ephedra with this powerful diet pill.

“Very happy with my results using Yellow Scorpion. Gave me energy all day and I felt great while using it. Going to buy another bottle for sure.”

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